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Which eye did Odin lose?

which eye did Odin lose
Odin for long has been depicted with words or pictures as an old man in a dark cloak, especially without an eye. But why? And “which eye did Odin lose”? This article will help you to figure it out. 

“Viking hair braiding” and “African hair braiding”: When hair can speak a powerful voice

Viking hair braiding
So, you might have come across the “Viking hair braiding” while choosing which hairstyle you boldly want to try or might have heard the word “cornrow braids” few times or seen Beyonce on the red carpet with that hairstyle.

“How to pray to Odin” – from long lost history to the modern days

How to pray to Odin
Are you engrossed in the Viking culture? Are you curious about “How to pray to Odin? The godfather of the Norse, of wisdom, death, divination, and magic. If so, this article is for you. 

Everything you need to know before getting “Viking sayings in Runes” tattoo

Viking sayings in Runes
Have you ever come across the idea that having “Viking sayings in Runes” tattoo sounds great?  I mean everything related to the Vikings is fascinating right?
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