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You get bored because of your normal daily life? You want to try a new lifestyle to gain some fresh experiences? Why don’t you try living like a viking?

The Viking Age began from 798 to 1066 AD. The Vikings used to be Scandivanians. They depredated and traded from Northern European and then expanded their homelands across other areas of Europe like Iceland, Greenland and Vinland. The migration and territorial expansion for hundreds of years helped the Vikings have a rich culture and lifestyle. Now, let’s join us and take a trip to the adventure of living like a Viking.

Living like a Viking

Picture 1. A Viking family

The Vikings lifestyle in the past

There are many differences between the Vikings lifestyle in the past and the present. First of all, let’s go back in time and discover the way Vikings live through their variety of cultures, activities and beliefs.


    Language is a historical - social phenomenon arising in the practical activities of people. Based on language, we can determine the origin of people or the place where they live.

    • Runes

    The Vikings were Scandinavians so that they might use Runes. Some ancient inscriptions of the Scandinavians were found written by short and formulaic Runes. However, their existence is really rare today.

    • Latin words

    The Vikings native written sources appeared in the 11th and 12th centuries after the alliance of the church and the adaption of the Scandinavians.

    • English

    Some of the mutual words in English language are based on Vikings language. For example, many weekdays has come from Old Norse like Thursday means Thor’ day, Wednesday means Odin’ day, Friday means Frigg’s day.

    Social structure

      There are three main socio-economic classes in Vikings society. They are Thralls, Karls and Jarls. Heimdallr- a Norse god, son of Odin- is said to be the one who creates these three classes. These classes have also been confirmed by archaeology.

      Live like a Viking

      Picture 2. Classes in Vikings society
      • Thralls

      Thralls are known as slaves. They were the lowest ranking but they played a vital role in Vikings society. They did chores, built constructions like canals, ramps, roads, etc, traded for the economy. Thralls were servants, they worked for Karls and Jarls as farmers, maidens or usually did hard work projects. Sons and daughters of Thrall's parents would also be servants when they grow up.

      • Karls

      Karls was also known as the free peasants. They had fields, lands, and cattle on their own. Their daily works were rising and milking the cattle, cultivating the fields, building houses.

      • Jarls

      The Jarls were the highest order of Vikings society. They were rich, owned a large number of big houses and a lot of Thralls. While the Thralls had to do all of the chores, the Jarls did administration, politics and spent their leisure times on participating in entertaining activities like hunting wild animals, playing sports, holding fancy parties.


        You can recognize the people in three classes easily through their clothes.

        • The Jarls were really well-groomed people. They wore expensive clothes made by silk. They used colorful jewelry as accessories. They crafted jewelry into rings, necklaces, belts.
          • The clothes of the Karls was more casual. They chose kinds of clothes which are suitable for their farming works. The Karls also had grave clothes to wear in important events.
          • The Thralls is very poor. They lived in bad condition so that they did not have as many clothes as other classes. Their clothes were cheap, old and tattered.

          Living like a Viking nowadays

          When hearing about Vikings, I am sure that you are thinking about a muscular guy with blonde hair, a shaggy beard, loud voice, wearing a horned helmet and a big axe. However, please change your mind because it is the 21st century already, the Vikings have changed very much, too. Now, why don’t you join me and discover the Vikings lifestyle, especially in Norway?

          Trying to be a farmer

            • The Vikings do farming from the past till now. They grow such things as oats, wheat, barley, nuts, and vegetables such as pumpkins, potatoes, carrots, onions, etc.
            • Breeding cattle is a significant activity of the Vikings. They grow cows, chickens, pigs, horses. Some people say that the cattle here are as strong as their owners.
            • Living space

            The traditional houses of the Vikings were often made with woods, stones, and mud. These materials keep the heat inside the house and prevent the wind or cold air from the outside in draconic winter. The Vikings use wood stove to cook and keep warm so that they have to build chimneys on the roof to clear the smoke.

            Living like Viking

            Picture 3. Inside a modern Vikings longhouse


              If you are a woman and you try living like a Viking, you should learn about sewing clothes from wool or animal skin. The Vikings women are masters in dyeing wool with natural colors from plants. They can create beautiful patterns on cloth with their amazing skills.

              how to live like Viking

              Picture 4. Modern Viking fashion for female


                • Homemade bread is used every day in Vikings meals. Bread is made from popular grains and they add fruits like blueberries, blackberries or nuts like acorns, peanuts in it to enrich the flavors.
                • Fish and pork are the main ingredients because of their rich in proteins. Horse kebab is also a famous dish in the Vikings cuisine.
                • The Vikings' favorite drinks are wine and beer. They drink beer in big wooden cups and drink wine in horns.


                The Vikings are famous for their strength so that they are interested in fighting games so much such as wrestling or racing. These sports are quite competitive but the Vikings really like them.

                In conclusion, I think we can learn many things from the Vikings. After reading my post, I hope you have more useful information about Vikings history and lifestyle. Finally, if you would like to refresh your lifestyle, try living like a Viking once.

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